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Retail & Specialty Services
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4924 50 Street T4N 1X7, Red Deer
Sunworks provides a unique shopping experience. Home to The Coconut Room. Not an ordinary gift shop.
Finance & Insurance
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Dominion Lending Centres
102-5229 50th Ave T4N 4B4, Red Deer
Dominion Lending Centres is a national mortgage brokerage and leasing company.
Dominion Lending Centres
102-5229 50th Ave T4N 4B4 Red Deer
p: 403-302-2492
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Refinancing- *Featured Service*
Canadians today face many reasons to refinance their mortgage. For example, you may have been working at improving your credit score and now qualify for a new mortgage with a better discount, or you may want to stabilize your payments by changing from a variable rate mortgage to a fixed-rate. Refinancing is also a good option to pull out equity for consolidating debt, home improvements, investments, college expenses, and more.
Up To Kode
Bower Place T4R 2M1 Red Deer
p: 403.318.4737
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High-Efficient ICF Homes and Commercial Buildings- *Featured Service*
All our homes are Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) to the roof. We build high end quality that will stand the test of time with a large effort toward efficiency and sustainability. We are currently exploring the opportunity to branch into a few ICF commercial buildings. We are most passionate about how well ICF fits into the construction industry and it's list of advantages for residential and commercial construction.
30 Minute Hit
6200 67A Street T4P 3E8 Red Deer
p: 403-986-0448
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Womens Fitness Circuit- *Featured Service*
Each of 13 stations lasts for a 2 minute interval and when the ladies are not hitting the bags, they are working hard with the swiss balls and medicine balls. Interval training is an excellent way to burn fat as well! Don’t worry if you have never boxed before or if you are new to core work. Come on in, put on your gloves, and experience the “30 Minute Hit”.
Whats New
NEW - Menu
Mohave Smokehouse & Bar
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25 days ago
Visit our website to view our brand new menu.  Test your taste buds. 
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NEW - Gallery
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22 days ago
"Symbiosis," featuring water colour on wood by artist Erin Boake.
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NEW - Module
LiveVentures - LiveCommunities
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25 days ago
What's New is NEW! - A NEW business information module.   Learn something new from every community.
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4924 50 Street T4N 1X7 Red Deer
 Cullinary solutions - Preperation to Presentation.
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Reminder just in case
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Central Alberta Co-op Ltd.
Happy New Year! - Happy New Year from Central Alberta Coop! A reminder we have pharmacies in our Red Deer, Deer Park & Plaza locations.
p: 403-967-0157




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